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The Limited Net Fishing Amendment

Judge Fulford Fishes For The Truth; Tells The FWC And Glogau That She Is Going Fishing With Us

Click Here For The WCTV Link to the Latest News Cast on our Net Case (P.S. We are NOT after a 3" Mesh Net.)

The FWC and the Assistant Attorney General, Jonathon Glogau, do not want the Judge to decide this case based on facts. Instead, the FWC would rather the Judge believe the lies presented in 1996.

Our challenge to the FWC... The liars go to jail! ... And those who are deemed truthful prevail... FWC... Are you there?


In 1996, BRENT WINNER testified that there would be a 3%-5% by-catch rate with 2" stretch mesh nets (1" square holes as pictured above).  THAT is the testimony the FWC wants the Judge to believe today.  Listen for yourself, in the link below, to Mr. "Winner" back out from his original assertions at our 2005 net test meeting when he knew that he would the one forced to conduct the net tests.  These tests, which we FORCED the FWC to conduct through the threat of an OPPAGA Investigation by the House of Representatives, proved a 98% waste rate... (Just like the picture above) NOT a 3% - 5% waste rate as "Winner" testified to.  Scroll to 7:13 to 7:54 of this you-tube video to hear Mr. "Winner" for yourself.

YouTube Video of Introduction and Mr. "Winner" starts his backing out of his 1996 testimont that was either a flat out lie or total incompetence...And Glogau admitting 90% waste. (Actual waste from these net tests ended up to be 98%.)(7:13-7:54)

Additionally... We are considering what actions to take against Mr. Winner. His current testimony differs from what our witnesses heard in 2005 when he cancelled the net tests.

After what you just heard above, does the following surprise you about Mr. "Winner?" In 2005, in front of many witnesses (That's "witnesses" with an "es."), Mr. Winner stated on the 2nd day of net testing that there was no use in going on through with anymore net tests arranged throughout the state because, "It is what it is." Mr. Winner was referring to the nets. Today, Mr. Winner is claiming that the nets were fished like "gill nets" and that is why he stopped the tests.

Furthermore, we have a letter from a County Commission stating that they spoke with Mr. Winner and then declined to endorse our petition to stop the unnecessary killing and waste with larger holes in the nets. WHAT in the world could this disgraced "expert" possibly have said? Inquiring minds would like to know?

Mr. Winner admitted in court that the nets provided to us by the FWC wasn't useful for catching marketable fish... And that the nets wasted large amounts of by-catch...Yet told the Judge that the waste caused by these nets DIDN'T hurt the population AND that the FWC mandated net was the "perfect" net to give us.

...You don't think that the FWC "Expert" has an agenda do you? ;)  How many "experts" in the fishery field would have the nerve to state that 90%+ by-catch in nets for 15 years didn't hurt the population?    FFF

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