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Nov. 14... Can You Believe This? Sansom Reappointed After Telling Board Members Under His Rule Not To Cooperate With State Investigators About Disappearing Money

"...Sansom told board members not to co-operate with the investigation..." "And he was looking at me when he said it."

Our informant did not object to being identified, but we are keeping his name anonymous for the time being on a "need to know" basis.

Remarks from a former TICO Airport Authority Board Member and 40 Year Pilot for Alaskan Airways...

"The TICO authority has been misspending tax payers dollars for at least 10 years. Largely due to the elected representatives not paying attention and the Brevard county commissioners not putting aviation oriented, pilots on the airport authority board. They allow the executive director to run the authority... Because they are afraid to ask a question when they have no understanding of the subject."

Here's a Little More Information Provided By The Honest TICO Airport Authority Board Member / Pilot...

"In the past many mistakes have been made due to the Authority Board members failure to read and research reports. They spent $2,000.000 for a terminal on false invoices that indicated the building was 48% complete and did not verify that the building even existed, The Authority
just took the word of their executive director. Another $1,000,000 was lost in the design and plans for the said terminal. This money will never be recovered. Another $180,000 Was spent to install a water line to a piece of property at Space Coast Airport, leased by PAA Development, Inc., that the Authority only receives $1,275. A month in rent. The Authority then spent another $500,000. Of a 50/50 grant for an additional water line to the same property for a building that was never constructed. The lease contract
on this property, page 19, paragraph 7.6. Stated that upon the receipt of a letter from the tenant indicating another building was to be erected on the property the Authority would install another water line. That letter has evidently never been received by the Authority as they have no copy of it in their records."

The Board Member saved the State of Florida over a million dollars by blowing the whistle on fraud... So was he thanked? HE WAS REMOVED FROM THE TICO AIRPORT AUTHORITY BOARD!

While Chairman Jerry Sansom (Pictured Below) was not only NOT PROSECUTED for telling the TICO Board Members NOT TO COOPERATE with State Investigators... HE WAS REAPPOINTED AS CHAIRMAN!!!


The Former Board Member has sent FFF a massive amount of proof pointing to widespread fraud and misuse of public dollars.

The Former Board Member has also sent compelling evidence that points to "political donations" being a possible cause of the lack of prosecution in this case.

Click Below For The Inspector General's Final report

Click Here For The Inspector General's Final Report

FFF asks the reader...

1. Would YOU ever openly tell board members NOT to cooperate with a State Attorney's Investigation into missing money?

2. Is telling others NOT to cooperate with the State Attorney in an official investigation a crime? Perhaps "Tampering with an official investigation?"

3. With a fortune of money never accounted for and a Chairman (Sansom) that told others NOT to cooperate with the Attorney General, would you trust or reappoint Sansom as Chairman?

4. Would YOU dismiss the individual that came forward and exposed the fraud and deception, saving the state a million dollars? Or would you reappoint him?

5. Why was the honest board member dismissed while Sansom was reappointed?

Click Here... Here's One Of Sansom's Deals With The Fishing Industry... Look Familiar?

Finally... Notice any similarities with our complaints against Sansom's interactions pertaining to the fishing industry? Strange coincidence? We don't think so.

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