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Pictures of FWC Professionalism at work on 91 Year Old Mr. Osteen

Pictured (L to R) A friend of Mr. Osteen, Mr. Osteen, Charles Beckham of FFF and Mr. Ed Ellison waiting for the FWC to show at the restaurant in Cross City.

It never hurts to have extra witnesses when dealing with the FWC. Four additional friends await the FWC's arrival.

The FWC appeared and would not enter the restaurant. Instead, they directed Mr. Osteen to meet them outside of the restaurant under a tree. Pictured (L to R) - An officer from Tallahassee, Mr. Osteen, a woman from the Tallahassee FWC office, Charles Beckham of FFF and the original arresting officer.

Mr. Osteen, an FWC employee from Tallahassee, Charles Beckham of FFF and the original arresting officer discussing the return of what was rightfully Mr. Osteen's the entire time... A year and a half late. Mr. Osteen's comment to me during the year and a half wait... " I think they're just waiting for me to die."

C - o - e - r - c - i - o - n . . .

That's how we see it... How about you? Documents at the end of this post.

We don’t believe there is a judge in America that would allow this unprofessional agreement to stand as binding. If Mr. Osteen doesn’t get his $100 from the FWC by the time this case is finished, we will give him $100.

Here’s the latest from Osteen’s Monday, January 8th, 2007 meeting with the FWC. The document and information in this post was provided by one of our "sources."

The FWC were to meet Mr. Osteen in a Cross City restaurant. When the two FWC personnel from Tallahassee and the original arresting officer met Mr. Osteen, the FWC trio refused to go into the restaurant. Instead, they decided to meet Mr. Osteen under a tree outside of the restaurant.

NO police force, to our knowledge, operates in such an unprofessional manner as does the FWC. From the start to the latest, this case has proved every word we ever claimed about FWC “profiling,” “abuse of power,” lack of proper evidence handling, poor knowledge of law and civil rights abuse. Mr. Johnnie Osteen, 91, and his wife suffered 1 ½ years of FWC abuse despite the FWC knowing since “day 1,” we were “showcasing” his case as an example of what is occurring across Florida on a daily basis! The Osteen case allowed the reader see for themselves an up-to-date running example of how the FWC disregards the “rule of law.”

If you haven’t read the other two posts to get the full story, check them out. Remember, all the while the FWC HAD FULL KNOWLEDGE we were exposing their illegal policies and practices. I can’t imagine what additional abuse would have happened to the Osteen's if the FWC had not known we were exposing them at every turn.

The basic rundown of 91 year old Mr. Osteen's Case.

Our warning to the public and Mr. Osteen about whatever the FWC had planned.

Intimidation Factor

1. Notice that 91 year old Mr. Osteen was given a time limit of ONE DAY to consult an attorney, sign the agreement AND get the paperwork in the hands of the CFO for the State of Florida in Tallahassee for approval or the deal was void.

2. Colonel Jones supposedly signed this document at some other location. She was NOT present at the agreement site.

3. Do you see any NOTARIZING of the document or it’s two signatures?

4. Do you see any WITNESS SIGNATURES on this document?

5. The ARRESTING OFFICER WAS PRESENT at the signing under the tree.

6. TWO OTHER FWC EMPLOYED PERSONNEL from Tallahassee, a Captain and another person showed up under the tree for the signing.

7. Notice how the FWC does NOT want the media to know about their actions. Can anyone say, “COVER-UP?”

8. Mr. Osteen had to sign his every right away (see attached documents below) in order to hopefully recover due compensation.

In the last 1 ½ years, we’ve contacted Governor Bush, FWC Executive Director Kenneth Haddad, Colonel Jones of FWC Law Enforcement, FWC Attorney James Antista and several public servants in writing and/or in person about this case. A retired ex-Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit Supervisor, a deputy sheriff and I have publicly addressed the Commission about the Osteen case on numerous occasions, yet Mr. Osteen still had to appear in court 13 times… then 2 more trips in order to get his net back, and HAD TO SIGN THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENT to hopefully obtain $100 for the fish that were always rightfully his in the first place. Let’s not forget that nothing can replace the time Mr. Osteen and his wife have lost… especially at 91 years old. And what if Mr. Osteen didn’t have all of the help he had? All across Florida there are citizens who don’t have assistance in standing up to the FWC’s corrupt practice of unprofessional law enforcement. (We can only help when alerted.)

Your tax dollars are funding this common type of FWC abuse. What if you were Mr. Osteen?

Look at this memo. Mr. Osteen's fish were used in a "sting" operation. If you read the previous Osteen posts, there was no money in escrow because they failed to sell his fish. Is this why they are having to get "approval" from the CFO of Florida?

This type of abuse and unprofessional law enforcement is happening across Florida on a daily basis. We need help from our government now.

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