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September 14th Update: Right Before Judge Fulford and the Media's Eyes and TV Cameras - The FWC Lies Are Exposed

TV Coverage... Click Here

Among other Media, A Reporter From The Tallahassee Democrat Was Present

For a decade, the FWC lied to the courts, stating that we were given "commercially viable" nets. Today's tests, conducted right under the Judge's and Media's watchful eyes PROVED they have always lied.

This time, the by-catch wasn't 97%-98%... It was closer to 99%. That is 98%+ waste under an Amendment whose ONLY purpose was to "PREVENT UNNECESSARY KILLING AND WASTE."

For those who don't understand, a "reasonable" amount of by-catch (waste) in these mini nets would be 3%-5%... NOT 98%!

The FWC's Major Beaton attempted to tell Mr. Ward that he was not going fishing and was just going to deploy the net and come back in. Anyone have a problem with this? I do! So did Mr. Ward. He went fishing anyway. How the FWC hates the light!

The Following Set Up Was Used This Morning, September 14, 2012

Vessel #1  Captained by Keith Ward with one deck hand.  Observing the net tests from Mr. Ward's boat was Roy Williams (ex-FWC that testified in our behalf) and one FWC Official.

Vessel #2  Containing FWC Major Beaton, Lawrence Langston, and Judge Jackie Lee Fulford.

Vessel #3  A Sheriff's Department Boat with any press that wanted to witness the net tests. 

Additionally: We used #69 twine on one net and at the request of the Judge, used twine that was 3 times thicker on the 2nd net. (#208) The Larger Twine simply caught smaller fish as by-catch.

Captain Keith Ward caught over 100 small, unmarketable fish and only two marketable mullet. Finally, the truth is fully exposed.

Keith Ward is pictured on the far right.

Keith Ward is Pictured on the Far Right.

Judge Fulford stated that she had seen enough after three sets.

Our hopes: Judge Fulford applies the severance clause of Article X, Section 16 to the "gilling and entangling" portion of the Amendment as "unconstitutional." The environment, economy and citizens would win... Including the disabled and elderly.

Thank God that we have a Judge that is seeking the truth!

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